39th Philadelphia International Film Festival 6/13 to 6/18

701 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106
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The 39th Philadelphia International Film Festival & Market


June 13-18, 2016

“Finding and Securing Distribution”


701 Arch Street   *   Philadelphia, PA 19106

MONDAY – 6/13/16

PHILAFILM WEEK “Kick-off” Reception sponsored by Earl Harvey and BPN (Black Professionals News). Location, time and admission TBA. PHILAFILM Festival Committee meeting

TUESDAY – 6/14/16

10:00 am: IAMPTP, Inc. Executive Committee & Membership Annual Meeting.
PHILAFILM FestivalCommittee Administration.

WEDNESDAY – 6/15/16

1:00 pm: PHILAFILM SENIORS DAY and “Icon” Series, featuring a tribute to artists who “Transitioned” in 2015. This year, actor CHRISTOPHER LEE and “BLUES” Masters,

B.B. KING and BEN E. KING are honored. These “Icons” were recognized at the 2016 Academy Awards Celebration and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science.  Screening, “Dracula Has Risen From the Dead”, 92:00 and B.B. KING “Short Takes”.  “ZUMBA” Exercise and “LINE DANCING”, by YANAE SAVAGE.

THURSDAY – 6/16/16

5:30 pm: O Cuibar No Terreiro”, DOC, color, BRAZIL, 28:00. NETO BORJES, Dir., OLHOP FILMS.

6:00 p.m. “Birth of Black Film”, DOC, color, USA, 68:00. To educate African Americans, and all of America about the history of Black filmmaking and effect it has had on all people, negatively and positively. ROBERT LOTT, Prod./Dir., TEAMWORK MEDIA GROUP,  Int’l.

7:10 pm: “Black Mamba”, FEA, color, USA, 91:00, They call Black Mamba a witch who Performs Voodoo. She claims to only make wonderful, holistic potions that enriches People’s lives. If they only knew the extent of her demonic powers. Dr. BELINDA WILSON, D.Ed., TAPESTRY ENTERTAINMENT, LLC.

8:50 pm: “Salt, Pepper and Memories”, TV, color, USA, 30:00. “Soul Train” meets the “AM Band”. Executive Producer Ali Hackett is a diet chef promoting “Wellness” in this Series. WALTER WIMBERLY, Dir., MARK L ABRAMS Tech Dir., KOTO Productions.

9:20 PM: “Chancellor Street: the spirit of the American Dream”, Short, color, USA, 45:51. The revolutionary remedy used in the past social challenges is connected to today’s social injustice, in hopes of getting the same victorious results of the past. CLEOUS G. YOUNG, Prod./Dir.

FRIDAY – 6/17/16

5:15 pm: “Kevin”, Short, color, USA, 4:00. Kevin is Horrified by what he thinks is under his Bed. Kevin’s father, hearing his son’s screams, rushes in to investigate. ASHAY DILEEP JAVADEKAR, Prod./Dir.

5:25 pm: Summer of the Gods”, Short, color, BRAZIL, 20:00. In memory of cultural activist, Mae Maria Do Sete. FELICIANA NASCIMENTO, Writer-Dir.

5:55 pm:Uncovered”, EXP, color, USA, 11:48. An experimental documentary about a professional, multi-instrumentalist, musician, Stacy Bechtel. This film presents a poetic portrait of a artist’s craft and passion. Stacy delivers a powerful message in our celebrity-driven times and age of commoditized authenticity. Being secure in one’s work and life, not for fashion, but for one’s self. Stacy’s story reminds us to look outside the clout of major cities, and ‘take time to notice the local musician’. GRETE MILLER, Prod./Dir.

6:10 pm: “Uncovered”, DOC, color, USA, 11:48. GRETE MILLER, Prod./Dir.

6:25 pm: “Diem”, SS, color, USA, 4:19. An experimental appropriation of three films shot by Grete Miller in 2010. “Diem” is comprised of an experimental horror film, and two experimental short documentaries. The footage was cut together and tells the story of invasion, design, gentrification, and the loss of one’s self. The identity and reality of the main character slowly erodes, as the landscape and life she knows begins to erode and die. GRETE MILLER, Prod./Dir.

6:30 pm: “A Sicilian Tale”, Short, color, USA, 56:00. Is a drama, both action-packed and emotionally gripping. Starring VINNY VELLA (“Casino”, “The Sopranos”), and ELAINE DEL VALLE (“Donny Brasco”). Spanning many generations and taking place within a transatlantic setting, it tells a story of one man’s fateful decision to become a part of his local Sicilian Mafia, a decision that goes against his every moral principle, and one that will have tragic consequences for generations to come. FRANK LISI, Prod./Dir., DREAM QUEST ENTERTAINMENT.

7:30 pm: “Veneration”, Short, color, USA, 30:00. A blessed holy man is tormented by demons, for the possession of his soul. FRANK LISI, Prod./Dir., DREAMQUEST ENTER-TAINMENT.

8:05 PM: “Bardo”, Short, color, USA, 33:00. After coming home from the war with Post traumatic Stress syndrome, Jacob Tobias and his fiancé, Alice, begin fighting all the time, which drives Alice into the arms of Jacob’s best friend, Andy. A breakup ensues, driving Jacob off the deep end that throws him into a world he cannot understand or escape From. JOHN WOODS, Prod./Dir., DIONYSUS PRODUCTIONS.

8:35 pm: “Jenna Remembers”, Short, color, USA, 32:02. A psychological thriller/horror film about an ambitious detective trying to make a name for himself, and a young girl recalling her family’s massacre. JOHN WOODS, Prod./Dir., DIONYSUS PRODUCTIONS.

9:10 pm: “Renaissance Period of the African American in Sports”, DOC., color, USA, 32:00. The story of African American athletes at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, their individual stories, successes and post-Olympic achievements in life. ROBER LOTT, Prod./Dir., TEAMWORK MEDIA GROUP, Int’l.

SATURDAY – 6/18/16

4:00 pm: Journey of the Songhai People, Part 2, AFRICAN GENESIS: GHANA, THE DOOR OF NO RETURN”, DOC, color, USA, 92:00. This film follows 200 African Americans who travel through time, space, and history to GHANA, West AFRICA, and reconnect with the spirits of their ancestors. ROBERT D. LOTT, Prod./Dir., TEAMWORK MEDIA GROUP, Int’l.
5:35 pm: “There Goes The Neighborhoods”, Short, color, USA, 25:00. The phenomena of gentrification that is occurring in urban American communities is compounded and contrasted by a neophyte City Planner. STEVEN R. BERRY, Prod./Dir., BLUE OWL PRODUCTIONS, LLC.
6:00 pm: Broken Dreams, The Man I Always Wanted To Be”, DOC, color, USA, 84:00. James Dupree is an accomplished, University of Penn MFA artist, whose studio is in the Mantua neighborhood of West Philadelphia. While an exemplary model of “giving back to his community”, Dupree was issued a “Declaration of Taking” by the City of Philadelphia, using the Pennsylvania Eminent Domain Code. Prod./Dirs., TYRONE BROWN and JOE SAPIENZA, JTJ FILMS PRESENTATION.
7:25 pm: Incomplete Celle”, ST, color, USA, 47:00. One of the most devastating diseases known to man, Sickle Cell Anemia, and its distinct victims. Dir., NAZIR K. ALSTON.
8:35 pm: “I’ll Be Home”, DOC, color, SOUTH KOREA, 68:00. Separated families in the Two Koreas, South and North, were forced into separation for decades. Ms. HEEJIN KANG, Ms. SANGHEE YOON, Mr. BYUNGJAE SONG, CJ E&M.    

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